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My Name is Tony Simonovsky today together with my partner David Jaeger to introduce you to our proprietary business model EXPERT keys, which will help you move your digital marketing growth to a totally new levelRegister Now

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Check out some of our case studies:

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Sports apparel business+$1,378,463in revenue/year

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Now Sourcing+$50,000in revenue/year

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On-demand PrintingStartup +$275,000in revenue/year

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Investment business+$4,355,500in revenue/year

Outdoor Sports Apparel/Gear

This sports apparel eCommerce client contacted us after working with one of the well known PPC agencies in the eCommerce world.

Despite their previous agency’s track record we’ve found many areas of improvement in their PPC efforts.

With a number of drastic tracking changes, as well as adding some custom variables into the feed that helped us increase the ROI, we were able to increase their PPC revenue by 60%, while keeping the spend roughly the same.

One of the key elements we discovered was that when the medium or large size in a product went out of stock, conversion rates on that product tanked (surprise, surprise).

It was technically challenging, but we managed to feed the percentage of product variants out of stock into the feed, which was a major part of our conversion lift.

These types of feed adjustments, on top of many of our cutting edge strategies allow us to out-perform your competition too.

Outdoor Sports Apparel/Gear

Now Sourcing

$50,000 in new potential revenue within the first 30 days of launch!

Result Kitchen worked closely with Nowsourcing to be able to convey the value proposition of Nowsourcing effectively (against the competition). In addition to launching their PPC Campaign, we also designed a high performing landing page in conjunction with the Nowsourcing design team. Result Kitchen worked closely with Nowsourcing to be able to convey the value proposition of Nowsourcing effectively (against the competition). In addition to launching their PPC Campaign, we also designed a high performing landing page in conjunction with the Nowsourcing design team.

Now Sourcing

On-Demand Printing Startup

This startup business is doing some beautiful, revolutionary on-demand printing.

Result Kitchen took over from their previous (well-known) PPC company, and within a half a year, managed to double the ROI, with roughly the same amount of PPC spend.

A number of wins included:

  • Aggressive Split testing: we analyzed incoming marketing and IT data to find which offers and promotions worked best, optimized their performance, and cut the under-performing promotions out.
  • Promoting Bi-Weekly Special Offers: we introduced new promotions to turn the growing number of prospects into buyers at a reliable rate
  • Completely Rebuilt and Optimized Campaigns: thanks to our split testing efforts, new insights, and cutting-edge data-grabbing tech, we were able to rebuild old campaigns and optimize them to success

On-Demand Printing Startup

Investment Business

$4+ Million in Revenue from a cold start!

This investment business generated over $4 million in revenue over a 9-month period, using a number of our competitive strategies.

What made their campaigns a success?

  • A Powerful Offer: We split tested 5 different variations untilwe found the best performing one. It beats the industry, which was a big help to increasing conversion rates and closing rates.
  • High-Converting Landing Page ? Our design and marketing teams created and tested a number of landing pages, and found that a mix of modern design, compelling offer and live chat got the highest ROI on ad spend.
  • Competitive Marketing Campaign ? as a “no-name” brand, we were fighting against behemoth, billion dollar companies. Yet a big part of our strategy was siphoning off prospects from our competitors successfully.
  • Aggressive Remarketing ? once we had a prospective customer on our website, we could track their every action and plan micro-campaigns accordingly
  • Cutting Edge Analytics and Technology ? We analyzed and used sales and marketing data along withstats from an integrated warehouse, and scaled up the number of potential leads.

Investment Business

In our 30 Minute “Mini-nar”, Discover These 6 KeysTo Growing Your Business:

1 Effective Targets – Discover how to set effective targets to grow your business. Do this right, and you can achieve rapid growth. Miss it, and you will be looking at the same (or lower) performance every meeting.2 Xcellent Culture – Most entrepreneurs ignore or under-value how much of an impact “culture” has on growth. Those that are successful actually have ‘intent’ around the culture they create around them. Learn how you can use this to hire better, and scale faster.3 People – Having the right people is the result of both a great culture, and ‘intent’ on hiring. If you feel held back by the people around or below you, perhaps you have the wrong people around. We will discuss how to get around this.4 EXPERT Knowledge – All of the margarita friday’s and ‘right people’ won’t help, if your organization (both the C-level and employees) don’t have that extra cutting edge knowledge you need for your organization to succeed. We will share how you can audit/identify gaps in this knowledge.5 Refined Processes – Knowledge is useless without process to make sure it happens consistently. Do you haveeffective processes for the most effective areas of your business?6 Technology – Every “SaaS company” claims that their tool will solve your problems (and make you coffee). Discover which tools really do help, and which ones are a waste of money and time.Claim your Spot on My Free Webinar Now! * Important Note: due to technical restrictions the available places on this webinar are limited! Reserve your spot now and sign in to the webinar early to ensure your participation.

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