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Disruptive Healthcare Brand

What would best service you?

B2B eCommerce Brand

What would best service you?

High SKU count eCommerce Brand

What would best service you?

Lead Generation Brand

What would best service you?

Venture Backed Startup Brand

What would best service you?

Single Product eCommerce Brand

What would best service you?

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Hi! My name is David Jaeger, Founder of Result Kitchen. I am an industry veteran in digital customer acquisition across a number of challenging markets for the past 13 years, working with over 200 clients, having managed over $100 million in marketing budgets. I’ve also started a healthcare business and some ecommerce brands.

My passion is to help you gain perfect, 4k HD clarity on what you need to execute on in your digital marketing, so that you can scale your business profitably. Once you have clarity, we provide you with an agile chef’s menu of options – whether it’s leveraging our internal team, referrals to other agencies, or advice on how to bring specific roles in-house.

Here on the site you will find a lot of actionable information that you can use to navigate the nuances of the digital world, while skipping all that asthma inducing marketing fluff we see the world over.

High Impact Marketing Recipes to add $20,000+/day to your business:

Marketing Services:

Marketing Advisors

For the right opportunity, our team will join as equity partners. Some advantages include an integrated marketing team, or providing a seasoned bench of ‘marketing chefs’ that add credibility to your startup to help for funding.

Fractional CMO

Our group of chefs offer opportunities to bring in a CMO and a marketing team without having to add a $50,000/month budget to build an in-house team (which may be a critical mistake for your business if they don’t perform. We offer base + performance pricing, which aligns our incentives with yours and reduces your risk tremendously.)

Full Service Agency

Our internal team provides high level consulting, and recommendations for full service marketing agencies that actually deliver.

Paid Media Advertising

Our internal team has successfully managed over $100 million of paid media budgets across over 200 clients. We marry this with our strategic consulting to provide you a paid growth ‘ATM’ that can scale to the size of your market.

Full Service Agency

Our internal team provides high level consulting, and recommendations for full service marketing agencies that actually deliver.

Join our mission to help you revolutionize healthcare.

Influencer Marketing, Affiliate Growth, SEO, web Design & more

We have a number of seasoned ‘marketing chefs’ who are specialists in each of these verticals. We vigorously vet each of these experts, and only provide you resources we’ve either used ourselves, or would choose to. Trust is unfortunately a precious commodity in a marketing industry full of yucky pastry fluff.

Scaling up your B2B eCommerce business

B2B ecommerce businesses are quite challenging to scale using digital marketing. What are you focusing on – eCommerce? Those large orders that are tracked on the website are usually bottom of the funnel; and spending more money on the bottom of the funnel doesn’t usually scale your top of the line revenue.

Focusing on lead generation? How do you quantify ROI on new leads when the sales cycle can be 3-6 months.

Our team has worked with businesses doing millions of dollars per month in revenue, and providing processes to get 360 degree insights into business growth, while avoiding what we call the ‘marketing taxes’ that marketing channels like to give you just to support your existing clients.

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Lead Generation Businesses

Ooohhh, look at this, leads!!! “I can generate you $1 leads”, they say. Then your sales team comes back with angry faces “they don’t answer. I could cold call and get better leads than this. Where’s my volume of leads?”. The truth is that your marketing teams are stakeholders in the growth of your business through quality leads.

We always say that your marketing is your virtual salesperson. The first mistake most businesses make is that

The second mistake most companies make is not setting up your tracking to identify where your quality leads are coming from. Our team has proven recipes for delivering a high volume of leads, and helping you understand your marketing and your customers better, so you can increase the lead quality over time, and close at an even higher rate.

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Single Product Line Ecommerce

Do you sell a tight group of SKU’s, and you need to scale this across all of the digital marketing channels?

Our team can help you clarify your target market, the messaging that’s relevant for them, appropriate marketing channels, and what realistic KPI’s are.

Search? Facebook? Youtube? Tiktok? SnapChat? Influencers? SEO? We can help you build a comprehensive plan to grow this year.

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