Discover the  6 EXPERT Keys to Driving Aggressive Digital Growth

Tony Simonovsky

Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of ResultKitchen

David Jaeger

Mentor. Growth Consultant @ ResultKitchen

My Name is Tony Simonovsky and today, together with my partner David Jaeger I want to introduce you to our proprietary business model EXPERT keys, which will help you take your digital marketing growth to a totally new level!

In Our 30 Minute "Mini-nar", Discover These 6 Keys To Growing Your Business:

  1. Effective Targets - Discover how to set effective targets to grow your business. Do this right, and you can achieve rapid growth. Miss it, and you will be looking at the same (or lower) performance every meeting.
  2. Xcellent Culture - Most entrepenuers ignore or under-value how much of an impact "culture" has on growth. Those that are successful actually have 'intent' around the culture they create around them. Learn how you can use this to hire better, and scale faster.
  3. People - Having the right people is the result of both a great culture, and 'intent' on hiring. If you feel held back by the people around or below you, perhaps you have the wrong people around. We will discuss how to get around this.
  4. EXPERT Knowledge - All of the margarita friday's and 'right people' won't help, if your organization (both the C-level and employees) don't have that extra cutting edge knowledge you need for your organization to succeed. We will share how you can audit/identify gaps in this knowledge.
  5. Refined Processes - Knowledge is useless without process to make sure it happens consistently. Do you have effective processes for the most effective areas of your business?
  6. Technology - Every "SaaS company" claims that their tool will solve your problems (and make you coffee). Discover which tools really do help, and which ones are a waste of money and time.

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